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Investing in real estate does not have to be complicated

Finding the right investment can take too much of your valuable time. Due to the scarce supply and high demand on the public market, it is challenging to find suitable properties for real estate investment at a reasonable price. There are also lots of uncertainties surrounding the purchase of the property, as almost every sales note mentions not only the suitable housing use of the apartment, but also for investment use.

We want to help you by offering properties tailored for real residential investment use.

Time is the best tool for a real estate investor when used effectively. With us, real estate investment can be made easy and effortless for you. Our investments are acquired from funds, institutions and other large investors.

We want to keep our selection varied and cheaper than the public market price.

We work with you on a long-term basis to grow your investment portfolio. As our customer, you have the opportunity to utilise our networks, for example, in the acquisition of tenants and, if desired, we will support you in developing and implementing your investment strategy.

At Idea Kämpät, we believe that Real estate investing is an endurance sport in which, with the right implementation, future returns can be enormously high.

Shall we start building new and passive sources of income for you?

Why invest with us?

B7Asunnot makes real estate investing easy. Thanks to our extensive purchase and partnership networks, we are able to provide our customers with the best investment properties on the market. Additionally, we can help you find the best finance and development solutions for your situation.



Our team includes expertise on professional real estate investing since 2016. We have robust knowledge on the acquisition of larger complexes and their subsequent development for clients.

Personalised service

Each of our clients is given a personal Idea Kämpät - expert, who will help them find the most fitting solutions for their situation.

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Best properties

Our vast purchase network and the thorough selection process of properties makes it possible to deliver them to our clients under market price.

About real estate investing at B7Asunnot

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Is real estate investing difficult?

Several things must be considered with real estate investing. We always carefully go through the financing, purchase, management, and sale processes with our clients and provide advice according to their needs. Almost all the properties we offer are pre-rented and, if necessary, we can help in acquiring tenants. Real estate investing with us is effortless!

Are there any risks in real estate investing?

There are risks in all forms of investing, because according to the market economy, risks are a prerequisite for returns. However, real estate is a more stable investment method in terms of value and revenue fluctuations than the stock market for example. For this reason, it can be considered less risky. All our properties are carefully selected, which reduces investor’s risks. We offer our properties below the market price, which increases the buyer's safety margin against possible value fluctuations.

What if the property doesn’t meet my expectations?

We cooperate with our clients on a long-term basis. Properties are always selected carefully to avoid any unpleasant surprises. However, if you are not satisfied with the property, we will work to resolve the situation together. In Finland, the sellers’ responsibility is significant, and binded by law. The properties we offer are always checked and match our clients’ needs.

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