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Renting in our properties is an effortless solution. We value personalised service so you can focus on living your best life without extra stress.

Renting is the perfect solution for everyone who values easy and flexible living. We make your rental house feel like home.

Frequently asked questions

These we get asked the most

Where can I make a fault detection notice?

Leave any fault detection notices to the maintenance company. In the resident letter, you can see which maintenance company your housing association has. If you are not sure which maintenance company your housing association has or what their contact information is, please contact our customer service.

Lost key, what do I do?

When you notice the key is lost, please contact our customer service. If there is a possibility for misuse of the lost key, a locksmith can rekey the locks. Costs of rekeying will be charged from the tenant. The tenant may choose to not rekey the locks. However, the rekeying will be done at the latest when moving out and costs will be charged from the tenant in this case as well.

If needed the tenant can ask for an extra key to replace the lost one. Costs from this will be charged from the tenant

Are there any barriers for getting a rental apartment?

The applicant must have a Finnish personal identification number. A registered payment default may be a barrier for obtaining an apartment, but this will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

How do I contact the B7 customer service?

You can contact us by filling the form below, or by email In urgent cases you can also contact us by phone at 040 587 5535.

What to do with disturbing neighbours?

Loud speech, pet sounds, or music coming from neighbours should be kindly discussed with them. The neighbour may not have even realised that they were causing disturbance.

For long-term disruptive behaviour, please contact us by email. In case of danger to life and health, always contact the emergency services.

Can commitment be used as a rental guarantee?

Yes. We accept a commitment in our properties as a rental guarantee.

Can I handle housing affairs on behalf of another person?

To handle another person’s affairs, you must submit a signed mandate by mail to

How do I proceed when handing over the apartment?

Before the end of your lease, you will receive instructions regarding cleaning and returning the key. Follow these instructions. If you have not received these instructions or they have been lost, please contact our customer service, so we can provide the instructions for you.

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